How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 11 Review - Souma Offers to Solve the Refugee Problem

Warning: Spoilers ahead. 
Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 10, a narrator explains the issue of refugees in the continent. A refugee camp lies right outside the capital Parnam. These refugees were luckier than others. Some bordering the demon lord’s domain have to fight to protect the borders. Others have been exploited as cheap labor. Souma is looking for a better outcome for the refugees in his kingdom, Friedonia.

He meets with the refugee camp chief, Jirukoma and his sister Komain. Not being really subtle with the look of disadvantaged, exploited people, the creator of this series decided to make the two look like Native Americans.

Supposedly, Souma is there to “help” Jirukoma come to a decision about something that has not yet been explained to the audience. Komain seems ready to lash out at Souma, but Jirukoma stops her.

Souma points out he’s been allowing the refugees to hunt and gather in their kingdom illegally. He knows Jirukoma and many others want to go back to their homeland but can’t because the monsters are there. But they also can’t continue to stay on Friedonia lands unregistered and uncommitted to Friedonia.

To solve the problem, Souma suggests that the refugees move to Venetinova, the new gulf coast city he’s building. He says the refugees will get jobs and housing there.

Again, Komain is bitchy to Souma about the offer. But Jirukoma asks she be excused, as she’s only standing up for the people who are set on returning to their homeland.

Jirukoma wants to accept the offer for the camp, but also asks for more time to discuss it with those refugees who won’t take the offer.

Just then, Brad barges in and says he needs Hilde’s help performing a C-section birth for a refugee mother.

With their skills and Souma’s group helping, they are able to deliver successfully. And the mother lives, too.

It’s a convenient moment to point out that new generations are starting to be born outside Jirukoma’s homeland. And that it would be cruel to have the new generation live without a home country. Jirukoma understands this, so he’s come to his decision.

He will leave to return to their homeland with those who wish to return to their homeland. Despite the monsters. He’ll work and wait for the time he can get his homeland back. And he will leave Komain in charge of the refugees who begin new lives as citizens in Venetinova.

The new mother lets Souma name the baby. He names him Fuku.

Then Liscia gets lovey-dovey and says she and Souma should start working on having a baby, too. And Souma gets embarrassed, of course. Carla is also embarrassed.

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