How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 10 Review - Souma Visits the Refugee Camp

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 9, this ep begins with Souma and Liscia disguising themselves as adventurers to take a trip to castle town. They’re accompanied by Carla and Owen.

Their first stop is the old slums. Owen is worried that it’s a bad route to take, but Souma shows them that because of his infrastructure work, the place has changed greatly. Kids are even playing in the street safely.

Souma worked on improving sanitation. In part, by tearing down the old buildings and creating new ones. It’s kind of unrealistic how fast he was able to make that happen, but okay.

Then the subject turns to pathogens that cause disease, little things that can’t be seen. It wasn’t easy for Souma to convince this world of the problem. But there’s actually a three-eyed race that can see them. And they agreed to help Souma.

They’ve even started making modern medicine like antibiotics.

These are being called three-eyedine instead of medicine. They require gelins, which are plants. Tomoe actually helped by talking to the gelins to learn more about them.

Then Hilde Norg shows up, sterilizing everything. She’s from the three-eyed race and a doctor, basically.

Next location Souma’s group stops by is the job training center run by Ginger. We see Ginger and San teaching kids. They teach adults too, but it’s been harder to get them wanting to learn reading, writing and math. Souma’s hope is that they nurture many Number Ones.

The last stop in the ep is outside the castle walls, at the refugee camp. Most refugees came after fleeing the Demon Lord’s expansion.

They stumble on some bad guys who were trying to kidnap refugee children!

So Souma’s group helps fight them back. Yuno happens to be there, and Souma helps save her. But he gets scolded by both Liscia and Yuno for such dangerous behavior. Yuno also tries to figure out that it’s Souma under that adventurer disguise.

A crowd comes to thank them, and Souma is able to redirect the praise to Yuno’s group of adventurers. While everyone’s distracted, Souma’s grew flees to go to their real destination - the refugee chief’s tent.

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