How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 9 Review - Ginger and San Take Care of the Slaves

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 8, the ep begins with Souma and friends under a kotatsu lamenting how they don’t have enough good personnel. They need people who can read, write, and do math. Seems Souma has some secret plan to get those people.

Cut to the narrator who briefly explains that slavery exists in the continent  Landia, and slaves tend to be abused. The he introduces a new character - slave trader Ginger Camus.

Ginger introduces himself to some slaves that used to belong to his grandfather. He explains that he inherited his grandpa’s slave trade business.

They’re all really down. Because his grandfather treated them kindly, and they don’t know what will happen to them now that he’s gone.

This is explained to Ginger by a raccoon person slave named Sandria, who Ginger nicknames San. She also says his grandfather thought Ginger would be too kind to do this business. Ginger agrees. He wishes he could start a new different business.

For speaking out, San believes she should be punished with a whip. But Ginger is shocked and doesn’t agree to that.

San wants the best for these slaves. He promises to screen the slave traders who want to buy them. He also starts educating them to do math, read, and write. He hopes this will increase their value so they are taken care of with kindness.

At first, sales of slaves are not good. Ginger says he can read people well, and he can tell these people will not take good care of his slaves.

The next day, four nobles come into the shop in a panic, saying they need to buy Ginger’s slaves. They explain that King Souma has decreed that nobles/knights will be evaluated and promoted/demoted based on the ability to govern a territory. And governance requires… office skills.

Ginger says they can buy the slaves as long as they don’t break up families.

So all of them are sold to good owners. And San is the only one left. Ginger and San sit down together and have tea when they’re interrupted by Souma in disguise.

Souma asks to buy San. San cares for Ginger and wants him to have seed money for his new business. So she requests the buyer give a large sum for her. And Souma drops a hefty bag of money.

But Ginger declines. Because he wants San to stay with him. He loves her back.

Souma reveals himself, and Roroa and Aisha come inside, too. Supposedly this was a test, but how they knew Ginger and San had a close relationship is not explained. Weird.

Souma praises him for educating his slaves and hires him to be a civil servant at the director of the first ever job training center.

This was Souma’s secret plan to gradually eradicate slavery.

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