How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 8 Review - Souma and Roroa Get Engaged

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 7, Souma is shocked that Roroa proposes to marry during their first encounter. Liscia of course is first to object to this outrage.

Roroa shrewdly explains that she’s just doing the same thing Liscia was first doing - using the marriage so Souma has legitimacy to rule over her kingdom. She then goes off subject and starts suggesting Gemstone broadcasts be used to air commercials. Souma can tell Roroa is a smart cookie.

Souma asks if marriage is something she really wants. After all, he killed his father, Gaius. Roroa confesses she’s done plenty against her brother Julius’ current rule. Her father and brother were shortsighted and didn’t think about how to build the prosperity of the country. So now, she cares for her current family instead - Herman, Colbert, her aunts and uncles, definitely not her bro.

She explains the Lunarian Orthodox Papal State caused the uprising in the northern part of Amidonia, not her. She suspects they want to take the Amidonians as their new believers. She warns they’ll be contacting Souma soon.

Souma asks Liscia what she thinks after all this talk. And Liscia admits she’s competent. And Aisha and Juna have no problem either. So just like that, all three queens are okay with adding another queen to the mix.

Roroa has more surprises up her sleeve. I’m honestly not liking her character, trying way too hard to be cute. But anyways, she says she wants to run a business in secret. And the money she makes will go to help Souma’s plans for the kingdom. 

So the engagement between Roroa and Souma is announced. Elfrieden officially annexes Amidonia, creating Friedonia.

The Empire is the first to question this move. Maria Euphoria has a gemstone meeting with Souma. After the negotiations Souma had with Jeanne, going back and annexing Amidonia does seem like a kind of betrayal against the Empire. And changing borders is not recognized by the Mankind Declaration.

Souma uses a hypothetical example to explain that the Mankind Declaration’s rule about borders contradicts itself. Maria immediately (conveniently. Pfft) sees his point and announces the Empire will not object to the annexation.

They end their meeting by both agreeing to watch out for the Orthodox Papal State. 

Next day, Aisha and Liscia catch Souma sleeping in bed with Roroa. They misunderstand. Not what it looks like. Stupid fan service. Ha. ha. 

This episode felt like such filler.

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