How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 7 Review - Roroa Proposes to Souma

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 6, the ep begins with some backstory. Souma worked to literally rebuild the kingdom. He produced a lot of construction to make cities and areas run more smoothly. He excavated areas, unintentionally uncovering dragon bones in the ground.

The mad scientist Genia Maxwell stole some of these dragon bones for her research.

Genia then reveals to Souma, Liscia and Ludwin that she’s made a mecha with the bones! She calls it “Mechadra.” She made it to study how joints in living things work. As if there wasn’t an easier way to do that. Anyways, it doesn’t have any internal system to control it to move. So Souma uses Living Poltergeist on it to see if he can move it. And sure enough, he’s able to control the mecha with his mind!

Ludwin points out other countries would see it as a threat. Even if it has yet to be outfitted with armaments.

In a meeting, Souma says Mechadra will be treated as top-secret. He then says the kingdom will build Genia her own research lab.

Meanwhile, in Van, things are terrible under Prince Julius’ rule. He destroyed one of the bridges that were useful for the people of the city, food is being rationed, and Gemstone broadcasts are prohibited. Seems the people want Souma to re-occupy them.

An area called Galua is rising up against Amidonia’s rule because of discontent. Julius is convinced to put down that rebellion harshly to show strength.

Back in Elfrieden, Souma spends time playing with kids. And we see Carla doing her new job as a… maid. For some reason.

Then, Souma gets a report from Hakuya and Juna about the uprising in Amidonia.

An emissary from Van is actually requesting Souma send Elfrieden reinforcements to help them. Souma accepts the request.

That idiot Julius is getting fucked like Souma warned he would be. Julius is angered by it, of course. Multiple nobles are rising up against him. Julius’ forces fall, and he flees to the empire. Little coward.

Again, Hakuya and Souma discuss “some other will at work” behind the scenes making things go so well for them.

Amidonia’s neighboring countries saw that Amidonia was ripe for invasion. The two countries were Lunaria and Turgis. But General Herman of Amidonia was able to fight off Turgis forces for the moment.

Herman and the former finance minister of Amidonia, Colbert, request that Eflrieden annex Amidonia. Souma weighs the pros and cons and figures annexing Amidonia will be better for Elfrieden in the long run.

Later, Herman and Colbert have an audience with Souma where Souma commends them. He has Colbert take the role of leader of Elfrieden’s finances.

Herman gives a gift of bolts of wool to Souma. As Souma rightfully guessed, someone was hiding in it. It was Roroa! She’s come to propose marriage to Souma!

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