How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 6 Review - Souma and Liscia Meet Genia Maxwell

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 5,  this ep begins with Hakuya privately reporting to Souma. He brings up the matter of some hidden will seemingly guiding things to go more smoothly than they should. What plan is going smoothly, we’re not sure of yet.

Then Ludwin storms in, saying an acquaintance of his has done something crazy.

Ludwin, Souma and Liscia make their way to the Forbidden Army’s mad scientist, a childhood friend of Ludwin’s.

They get to a dungeon which looks like a modern-day garage. Souma is weirded out by the design. It was handed to the Maxwell family.

On the way down into the dungeon, Souma also notices the stairs are made of metal and lit up. The others don’t question this, assuming it’s magic. 

The inside of the dungeon looks very out of place in this fantasy story. It looks like a massive futuristic sci-fi lab! The scientist, Genia Maxwell, introduces herself, and Souma and Liscia casually introduce themselves back. Then they sit in Genia’s cabin and have coffee.

Genia basically believes there’s some force, a natural law, that governs the unexplainable in the world that is separate from magic. An example is the Gemstones used for broadcasting. They’re said to function with the use of spirits, but spirits have never been proven to exist. Genia discovered that wind and water magic use of the gemstone can produce an image projected by the receiver. In addition, Gemstones are all destroyed dungeon cores, their existence causing monsters to appear in dungeons. A full dungeon core has never been studied.

Anyways, any study of phenomena that is separate from natural law is called “over-science.” so Genia is an over-scientist.

Then Genia shows off a few of her crazy inventions. One is called Little Susumu Mark V, which can propel a ship. It sucks in what’s in front of it and blows it out the other end.

The power source behind the invention is cursed ore, which Genia reveals is not cursed at all. It absorbs magic as energy and can be used as energy. It’s a rechargeable battery. But this discovery is too controversial and may even lead to enemies from other countries trying to take it from Efrieden, which has the resource abundantly.

Souma deduces Genia may be the most important person in the kingdom now besides Tomoe, and discusses this with Liscia. They figure marriage might anchor her to the country, and Souma is very sure that Ludwin likes Genia romantically.

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