How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 5 Review - Souma Spares the Lives of Castor and Carla

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 - Episode 4, this ep begins with Liscia talking to Carla imprisoned in the dungeon.

Carla is able to get Liscia’s honest feeling that it stings that she has to share Souma with a second queen and more.

Liscia mentions how Carmine and Souma both proved their resolve to protect her. And Carla says she’s ready to do the same, even if it means her own death as punishment for crime. She refuses to be a burden… uhhh somehow. To Souma and Liscia. I don’t know how she’s a burden, but whatever.

The scene then opens up on the formal trial of Castor and Carla Vargas. Hakuya is the prosecutor while Excel is the defense. The Royal Court of Elfrieden is all in attendance too to give their counsel. 

Castor says he’s ready to take the blame for all of it. He begs that his daughter Carla is spared execution. Souma retorts that there’s no way Carla wasn’t ready to face the consequences in helping her father rebel against Souma. 

Souma asks the court for their opinion. Two men feel the punishment of execution is too harsh. One is Piltory Saracen. The other is Owen Jabana. They both believe Castor has a proven aptitude to serve as the kingdom’s Air Force commander. 

The others on the court agree with Souma. Actually encourage Souma to punish their treason harshly.

Then Souma gives an unexpected order. “Kill them.” Does he mean Castor and Carla? Or Piltory and Owen? Neither pair. He orders the shadowy corpsmen to kill everyone else in the royal court! Death by sword in the back. 

Even Aisha and Liscia are unsure what the hell is going on and take up arms to protect Souma. But he assures them it’s alright. This shadowy group, the Black Cats, is a group led by Kagetora.

Souma explains that the royal court was siding with other nations secretly against Elfrieden.  He said he had to move quickly on cutting out this disease that could have harmed those he loves. 

Hakuya explains that they’ve researched Piltory and Owen and know they will be loyal to Souma. So this trial was a means to suss out the bad ones.

Souma pronounces Castor is guilty of treason, but spares his life. And leaves him to be watched over by his mother-in-law, Excel. Carla becomes a slave. And Souma says she must kill him if he ever becomes corrupt with power. 

This is the first time Souma killed men (through an order) in front of him. He’s troubled and exhausted. So he gets treated by Aisha and Liscia joining him in his bed in skimpy robes, so that he forgets his troubles. Lol

Lastly, we see Roroa saying she’s going to bet on Souma as her rival. So more of her up next! 

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