Car chase with Akai Shuichi & deduce with Amuro Toru & Okiya Subaru will appear for the first time. USJ ‘Detective Conan World’ will be held

Japan March 09, 11:32 0
'Detective Conan World', featuring "Detective Conan", will be held at USJ from March 12 to August 29. There will be 3 programs, including 'Detective Conan Mystery Challenge', which was reformed into into a more extravagant live entertainment, and you can feel "a high level of excitement" challenging the mysteries with Conan there.

All the programs at 'Detective Conan World' feature an original story related to "The Scarlet Bullet", which will finally be released on April 16, 2021 after a year of postponement.

All the members from the Akai family, who are key figures in the movie, will appear in all the programs as well.

'Detective Conan Mystery Challenge', a mystery-solving entertainment rally, is based on an original story that depicts the prequel of "The Scarlet Bullet", and both children and adults will enjoy the new additional mysteries. 

The venue of the ending show has been expanded from last year, the contents have been completely renewed, and Okiya Subaru, a mysterious graduate student who Akai disguises himself as, and others will appear.

Moreover, 'Detective Conan X Hollywood Dream The Ride', a ride experience which will remind you of FBI agent Akai Shuichi's driving technic and was also popular last year, and 'Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant', where you can enjoy both meals and mystery with a private detective Amuro Toru and a high school detective Sera Masumi, will be available.

Furthermore, at 'Detective Conan World', goods that enable you to solve mysteries with Conan and Akai, trendy fashion items, and food inspired by "Detective Conan" world to heal your fatigue, will be available.

The real worldview of "Detective Conan" was recreated with amazing scale and quality, so please get through with Akai family.

(C)2020 Aoyama Gosho / Detective Conan Production Committee TM & (C) Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

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