“Cells at Work! X Sanrio” Enjoy your time at home! Aeon limited collaboration items have been announced

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The collaboration items between the anime "Cells at Work!" and Sanrio are currently available on 140 Aeon affiliated stores, such as "Aeon" and "Aeon Style".

A total of 21 items, such as T-shirts, hoodie, one-piece dress, lounge wear, and cushion, are available in the lineup that will help you to enjoy your time at home.

The "Cells at Work! X Sanrio" collaboration goods are decorated with the characters of "Cells at Work!", such as Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Platelet, Killer T Cell, Macrophage, and Helper T Cell with the designs of Sanrio, which are "Daily Series" and "Angelic Series".

The lineup includes "Cells at Work! Back Printed T-shirts" with 6 characters printed on the back in 2 types, "Cells at Work! Rounded Hem T-shirts" with 4 characters and logo printed in front in 2 types, and "Cells at Work! Character T-shirts" with a stitched embroidery on the chest and a character decorated on the back in 4 designs.

Other than that, the hoodie with a character printed on the back (4 designs), one-piece dress that can be worn as a long shirts (4 designs), lounge wear with 4 characters printed in 3 types, and the round fluffy cushion (2 types) are also available. So, do enjoy your time at home while being surrounded by your favourite "Cells at Work!"'s characters.

"Cells at Work! X Sanrio" collaboration goods are available on approximately 140 stores of "Aeon Style" and "Aeon" in Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. It also available on Aeon official online store "Aeon Style Online".


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