“Gintama x Tower Records” Sakata Gintoki wears a Tower Records apron! Collaboration goods & cafe will be released

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To celebrate new anime releases such as the movie "Gintama: The Final" on January 8, 2021, and the movie "Gintama: The Semi-Final" exclusively distributed on dTV on January 15, the day before world release, the collaboration between "Gintama" and "Tower Records" will be held. Collaboration goods will be on sale from December 24, 2020.

The collaboration goods under the Tower Records and "Gintama" collaboration will use characters' illustrations such as Sakata Gintoki and Kagura wearing a Tower Records apron. Popular characters immersed in the world of Tower Records is a must-see design for fans.

In addition, collaboration cafes will be held at TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT store and Shibuya store. During the first period, the menu will be based on the image of the six characters appearing in the collaboration illustrations, and during the second period, the menu that shows the story of the movie "Gintama: The Final" and the new animation "Gintama: The Semi-Final" will be provided.

Pre-orders for "Gintama x TOWER RECORDS" collaboration goods are available now on "Tower Records Online". From December 24, 2020, handling will start at stores.

Collaboration cafes will be held sequentially from December 24, 2020, at TOWER RECORDS CAFE Shibuya store and Sapporo PIVOT store.

(c) Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Dentsu / BNP / Aniplex

(c) Sorachi Hideaki / Gintama Production Committee for the Movie

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