“GIRLS und PANZER” Oarai Girls’ School and Kuromorimine Girls’ School’s Designated Goods are now available! Items worn by Nishizumi Miho and Maho are also available!

Goods December 22, 11:23 0
Limited edition "Oarai Girls' School Designated Goods" and "Kuromorimine Girls' School Designated Goods" based on the motif of "Girls und Panzer" will be available for pre-sale at the "GAViC Official Online Shop" from 6:00 pm on December 18.

These items were created based on the concept of having designated personal belongings. With a design that fits in with various scenes such as commuting to school, work, on the streets, and in sports, students can feel more familiar with life at the school.

In addition to the clothes worn by Nishizumi Miho and Maho, backpacks, coin purses, and running shoes were also introduced. Each of these items has been designed with attention to detail and unique features.

The "Oarai Girls' Academy Designated Goods" and "Kuromorimine Girls' Academy Designated Goods" will go on sale at the "GAViC Official Online Shop" from 6:00 on December 18th.


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