“Gundam” Char’s Model?! Roller Bag & Collapsable Traveling Bag With the “Char Mark” Released

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From the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam" comes a "Roller Bag" and "Collapsable Traveling Bag", "Travel Item Project Char's Model" which features Char Aznable's personal mark, the "Char Mark". Pre-orders are available on Bandai's character fashion website "Bandai Fashion Collection" until 11 pm November 15, 2021.

The "Roller Bag" was given a luxurious design with plates of the "Char Mark" and "CHAR AZNABLE The Red Comet". The front open style lets you access the front pocket with the bag standing up, so you can easily pull out your belongings. The inside is designed with a camouflage pattern featuring the "Char Mark".

The wheels spin 360 degrees and are designed to be silent, so the rolling sounds won't bother people at night. The handle can be set at 3 rights, and it comes with a "Double TSA Lock" for security. The size of the bag can be carried onboard domestic flights with more than 100 seats in Japan , so it will be a great choice for both traveling and business trips.

The "Collapsable Traveling Bag" has the "Char Mark" and "CHAR AZNABLE The Red Comet" printed on the front and has a small tag on the side. The inside design is the same as the roller bag, a camouflage pattern featuring the "Char Mark".

There is a small pocket on the inside that is useful for carrying small items. The bag is collapsable, and by opening the U-shaped zipper, it opens up back into a traveling bag, so it will be of great use when you end up with more luggage when traveling. The back of the bag has a sleeve to put the handle of the roller bag through, making them easy to carry together.

The prices excluding shipping and handling fee are 33,000 for the "Roller Bag" and "6,600 JPY for the "Collapsable Traveling Bag". Pre-orders are available on "Bandai Collection" until 11 pm November 15, 2021, and shipping is scheduled for March 2022.

"Travel Item Project Char's Model" Product Description

"Mobile Suit Gundam Travel Item Project Roller Bag Char's Model"

Price: 33,000 JPY (tax included / shipping and handling fee excluded)

Size: H 46 (53) x W 35 (36) x D 22 (23) cm

*The numbers in the brackets are the lengths including the wheels and other parts.

Weight: 2.7kg

Capacity: 32L

Material: Polycarbonate

"Mobile Suit Gundam Travel Item Project Collapsable Traveling Bag Char's Model"

Price: 6,600 JPY (tax included / shipping and handling fee excluded)

Size: Traveling Bag H 35 x W 47 x D 20 cm

Collapsed H 23 x W 20 x D 5 cm

Weight: 360g

Capacity: 40L

Material: Polyester 100%

Common Specifications

Manufacturing Region: China

Target Age: Over 15

Sales Channel: Bandai character fashion website "Bandai Collection", other channels are yet to be decided

Pre-order Schedule: Until 11 pm Monday, November 15, 2021

Shipping: Scheduled for March 2022

Selling Agency: Bandai Co., Ltd.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise

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