Gundam’s Sustainable Development Project is Gathering Ideas to Tackle Social Problems

Japan June 18, 08:32 0
Bandai Nampo Entertainment Inc. started the sustainable project “Gundam Universal Century Development Action (abbreviated as GUDA)” based on the “Gundam” series. In addition, it was also announced the “Gundam Open Innovation” campaign, which aims to gather new ideas to address social issues related to population and environment.

Since the broadcast of “Mobile Suit Gundam” in 1979, the “Gundam” franchise entries have continually for 40 years prompted innovation by raising awareness towards environmental degradation and overpopulation problems.

This is symbolized by the timeline concept of “Universal Century”, a new era in which humans are faced with societal challenges while immigrating to space colonies. A prevalent theme touched upon is the fact that humanity has to confront the vastness of the galaxy not as individuals, but as a whole.

Holding Gundam’s invaluable message towards humanity in regards to population and environmental problems, as well as using the series Universal Century’s lessons as an emblem of hope for a better future, the Bandai Namco Group is implementing various action plans for the sake of children in future through the collaboration of fans all around the world and other companies.

“Gundam Open Innovation”(c) Sotsu-Sunrise “GUDA” started its first campaign “Gunpla Recycling Project” in April as a collaboration between 4 companies: Bandai Namco Holdings, Bandai Spirits, Bandai Namco Amusement, and Bandai Logical. The campaign's goal is to collect used Gunplay frames and turn them into new assembly kits through a cutting edge chemical recycling process, bringing fans and Bandai Namco together while striving for a sustainable society.

GUDA’s second campaign “Gundam Open Innovation” was conceived as a result of the 2018/2019 gathering “Bandai Namco Accelerator” held to generate new venture ideas that would become a catalyst of change for the next stages, with disregard to conventional business practices and established common sense.

Similar to the challenges humanity must face in the Gundam universe, the campaign's purpose is to gather in a broad scale innovative solutions and technologies aimed towards a sustainable society, by addressing issues in the context of space exploration, and population and environmental problems.

More details can be found at the “Gundam Innovation” official site.


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