Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West and Other Big Gameplay Trailers This Week

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Sometimes when it comes to big gaming news, when it rains, it pours. At least that’s how I felt this past week. We finally got new trailers for not one, not two, but THREE AAA games. What do they all have in common? Well, they’re all sequels to popular, well-received franchises. And all three have been frustratingly quiet for some time when it comes to sharing any new visuals or dishing information before release. Of course, I’m talking about Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

By some amazing coincidence, all three anticipated games dropped gameplay trailers in the same week, finally quenching the thirst of fans who have been clamoring to see more. The timing is suspiciously close to this year’s digital E3 2021, arguably the biggest gaming news period in the year. So maybe it’s not such a coincidence. I’m guessing all three of these developers wanted to cause a stir in the industry before they had to compete with dozens of other reveals and announcements. 

I’d wager that these three titles will have even more new stuff to show us during the actual E3 week of announcements. That would be the smart move. And as one of those thirsty gamers, I’m certainly hoping for it!

But for now, I’m content with finally seeing more from these three games and getting a better idea of what to expect after I get my hands on them, especially in regards to combat. I’d like to share my reaction to each trailer, with more about Dying Light 2 in a separate article.

The original Horizon Zero Dawn came out in 2017. The game was a blast to play, set in a beautiful open world with some of the most amazing graphics ever seen on PS4. Forbidden West looks to continue that tradition by showing us just how beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn’s world can look with the power of the PS5. We’ll once again play as heroine Aloy taking on wondrous mechanical beasts inspired by real world prehistoric creatures. Visually, I was most blown away by the moment Aloy was able to destroy the mounting structure on the mammoth creature called a “rivertusk.” I mean, countless pieces were scattered in that moment, and it looked so realistic.

Overall, nothing was really shown that was too unexpected. It was more of the same great stuff from the original entry in the series, but that’s not bad by any means.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has that next-gen shine to it as well. Each installment in the Far Cry series has come with pre-release trailers that show off gorgeous open world aesthetics, no matter what the setting is. But I feel there wasn’t anything really revolutionary in what was presented. I’m really yearning for more satisfying enemy kills, as I’m tired of the same old rag dolls deaths I’ve seen in the last three Far Cry games I’ve played.

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