‘Re:Zero’: Get Through the Cold Winter with Rem, Ram, and Emilia♪“Memory Snow” Gacha is available with smartphone game ‘Reze Loss’

Gaming November 29, 10:10 0
Smartphone game 'Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World: Lost in Memories' is currently offering gacha with a high frequency appearance of characters from the OVA "Memory Snow". A trailer was also released.

"Reze Loss" is an official smartphone game based on 'Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World' and has exceeded 3 million downloads. Players can play the game as the main character Subaru and experience the anime story, as well as the "IF stories", in which players are allowed to see how the story went if they have made a different choice on fateful crossroads.

With the gacha, the frequency of '(Hoka Hoka Mayonnaise Bath) Rem ★3', '(You can't stand the cold?) Ram ★3', '(Special Field of Flowers) Emilia ★3' and '(Chiki Chiki Snow Festival) Subaru ★3', are raised now. Also, the original story, 'Main Story: Petra Ver.' and 'Main Story: Sisters Ver.', which were not shown in the OVA "Memory Snow", has been released. "Memory Snow" IF Story will be released in December as well.

Gacha with a high frequency of characters from "Memory Snow" is available until December 1st, 2021 at 10:59.

(C)Tappei Nagatsuki ・KADOKAWA CORPORATION / Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World Production Committee 


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