Jujutsu Kaisen×Tamagotchi “Jujutsutchi” will be released! Educate the characters to exorcise the cursed spirits by yourself!

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"Tamagotchi nano" from the "Tamagotch" series will release "Jujutsutchi" under the collaboration with the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen". "Jujutsutchi" will be available at nationwide hobby shops, toy section at department stores and electronics retail stores, and online stores.

Under the concept of "Educate the characters to exorcise the cursed spirits by yourself!", this product allows you to enjoy educating the "apprentice sorcerers" to be the students or teachers at the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, through training or levelling up them. It will be available in 5 colors with the design of "Itadori Yuji", "Fushiguro Megumi", "Kugisaki Nobara", "Gojo Satoru", and "Sukuna".

Depending on how you educate the apprentice sorcerers, they will grow up to different characters. A total of 16 characters are available to go for, including the main characters, the students at the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, and "Nanami Kento", who supports the characters.

"Kikufuku", which is Gojo's favorite snack in the anime, has been prepared for an item "Snack". Also, all the 3 types of training in the "Mini-game", are related to the scenes or characters in the anime.

Aside from the 16 characters to go for, various characters, including "Geto Suguru" and "Yaga Masamichi" will appear, recreating the famous scenes. Furthermore, there will be a special performance on the way to go for "Gojo Satoru".

"Jujutsutchi" is priced at 2,530 JPY (incl. tax), and will be released on December 24, 2021. On Premium Bandai, "Jujutsutchi Hugmy Tamagotchi Set"(4,400 JPY incl. tax) that comes with a characters' PVC figure will be available. So please check it out as well.

(C)Akutami Gege / Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee (C)BANDAI

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