“Kamen Rider Agito” “Altering” has become a transformation belt for adults! Tsugami Shouichi’s lines are also included.

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Kamen Rider Agito", the transformation belt "Altering" has been announced. Pre-orders are available on "Premium Bandai".

The product is the transformation belt used by Tsugami Shouichi. The main waist part has two infrared sensors, and the transformation belt will play the appearance sound and transformation standby sound after the sensor detects the transformation posture. The transformation can be enjoyed by pressing the buttons on the waist.

With the 12 installed LEDs, it is able to recreate the color lighting of all the forms. The recreation of the profound scene from the series, where Agito transforms in the dark is possible due to the bright white LED module.

It also has 10 BGM, including "BELIEVE YOURSELF" and "DEEP BREATH". The BGM can be activated at the same time with the transformation and use of a secret technique with the standby function.

By pressing the lines button that is available in the main part, the newly recorded line of Tsugami Shouichi by Kashuu Toshiki will be played. It also comes with a "Lines Mode" to overlap with the use of a secret technique.

"CSM Altering" is priced at 29,700 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available on "Premium Bandai".

(C) Ishimori Production, Toei

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