Kirby Cafe Burger Based on Nintendo Character Isn't What You Think

Japan December 16, 11:52 0
In America, Kirby is known strictly as a beloved Nintendo video game character, but in Japan, he takes on more roles. For example, did you know there were two locations for official Kirby Cafes - one in Tokyo and the other down in Fukuoka. This cafe chain boasts delicious and aesthetic food. One doesn’t even have to be a gamer to appreciate these dishes!

SoraNews24 recently reported that a new menu item available throughout the month of January 2021 is a Kirby Burger that isn’t actually a burger. Not in the standard meat-and-bun sense. While it’s made to look like a traditional burger from 15 feet away, upon closer inspection, one will discover that the unique dish is made of delectable sweets and desserts! The beef is made of a chocolate mousse while the tomato slice is actually a bit of strawberry. Judging by images, the bun is an adorable round pink Kirby face, made of cake or pie, or maybe a macaroon? The official title for this concoction is the Tiny Kirby Burger New Year Dessert and it’ll cost you 1,980 yen. And not only do you get to eat a Kirby (instead of the other way around), but you also get to take home the plate that it comes on. It’s specially designed to celebrate the New Year with a festive Ice Dragon, a snowman, and Kirby drawn on it.

The not-burger burger is just the tip of the iceberg for the cafe’s new menu, too. Another tantalizing treat is the Oven Baked Berry Berry White Chocolate Pizza. Which, clearly by its title, is not going to be eaten for savory purposes. Then there’s the King Dedede and Meta Knight Tag Team Dessert, a colorful ode to two other Smash Bros./Kirby characters. These dishes, and everything else available in the cafe, is pleasing to the eye in a way that American themed eateries just haven’t caught up to yet. If you can correct my ignorance, by all means, do so in the comments. Let me know if there are video game-related treats in the US, or anywhere else in the world, that can go toe-to-toe with Japan’s kawaii foods!

For now in the US, we’ll have to settle for Nintendo characters jumping out of the digital world onto apparel and toys. Like the insanely popular Mario Kart that’s a real live Mario Kart!

(image source: Amazon)
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