“Laid-back Camp” Let’s go camping with “NadeRin”! The Sierra cup’s leather cover has been announced

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From "Laid-back Camp" comes the sets of 2 Sierra cup's leather cover made with genuine leather, with the designs of Rin-chan and Nadeshiko. Pre-orders are currently available on Village Vanguard Online Store.

The product is a handle cover with the design of "Laid-back Camp" that will add a touch to the inorganic matter Sierra cup. As it was made with genuine cow leather, its appearance won't change after a long usage years.

The product has a pressing (branding) of the tent logo of "Laid-back Camp" with Rin-chan and Nadeshiko.

Each of the product is made by hands by the craftsmen of Carcru. As it comes with a leather strap, it can be hooked on the bag, making it easy to be carried around.

"'Laid-back Camp' Sierra Cup's Leather Cover, Set of 2" is priced at 2,530 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available on Village Vanguard Online Store, and the shipping is scheduled for late August 2021.

(C) Afro, Houbunsha/ Outdoor Activities Committee

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