Naofumi Iwatani and Roxy Migurdia Included in the January 2021 Top 5 Pre-order Figure Announcements by GoodSmile Company

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This is our second ever list of Top 5 Pre-order Figure Announcements by GoodSmile Company! We revealed our first list back in December 2020. Again, please note that this is a list of my five favorite figure announcements (anonymous writer for Tokyo Anime News), with the number one spot being the highest rank. It’s not ranked by any kind of numerical data, just a matter of opinion!

5. Nendoroid Denji
Two heads are better than one - this is a great motto, and the saying is always true when it comes to Nendoroid figures! This Nendoroid of Chainsaw Man’s Denji is one of the craziest-looking Nendoroids ever made, and it comes with both a terrifying chainsaw head and a human head. The manga is ultra violent, and this Nendoroid has replicated that feeling perfectly. With an anime said to come out later this year that will no doubt boost the series’ popularity, this figure is going to be a highly valued collectible.

4. POP UP PARADE Naofumi Iwatani
POP UP PARADE continues to impress this month by releasing figures that promise plenty of bang for the buck! This time around, they tackled The Rising of the Shield Hero’s Naofumi. And he looks great! PUP’s figures usually have streamlined costume design, but Naofumi is decked out in full armor. He’s been depicted in a dynamic pose but looks calm and cool, as expected of his character!

3. POP UP PARADE Shiro: Sniper Ver.
It was a toss-up between adding Shiro or Schwi to this list. Both are from No Game No Life, both are made by POP UP PARADE, and both look wonderful. Shiro clinched it because of her fabulous hair, dynamic pose, and the unique inclusion of the Lovey-Dovey Gun that you don’t usually get with Shiro figures.

2. Phat! Assassin/Semiramis
This 1/7 scale figure of Fate/Grand Order’s Semiramis comes to us by Phat! and it’s just gorgeous from head to toe. This figure is a faithful recreation of the official game artwork featuring Semiramis in her 3rd Ascension form. With amazing paintwork and details, she’s the definition of an elegant femme fatale!

1. CAworks Roxy Migurdia
The #1 spot goes to one of my favorite characters new to the world of anime - Mushoku Tensei’s Roxy! Roxy looks lovely in her traditional mage outfit, walking down a flight of steps outside. I love the sculpt of her cape and her braided ponytails. And I’m really happy with the way her magic scepter looks. With it, Roxy looks both cute and powerful!

That concludes our top 5 this month. Are there any figures you think deserve to be mentioned that weren’t? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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