“Neon Genesis Evangelion” “Welcome Home” Recreating Katsuragi Misato’s room completely! “Dassai Collaboration” with photo-taking booth

Japan June 10, 08:28 0
From “Neon Genesi Evangelion”, a collaboration that recreates the room of Katsuragi Misato, who is known as a “Dassai” (Japanese Alcohol) lover, called “Neon Genesis Evangelion×Dassai 【Dassai Supplementation Plan】” is ongoing. It will be held at Dassai Store Ginza until July 31, 2021.

“Dassai Supplementation Plan” is a collaboration event of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Dassai” to recreate Katsuragi Misato’s room completely.

The entrance door is inspired by A.T. Field. The facade facing the street is also decorated with the official font of Evangelion.

The graphic board of Evangelion fills the store, and in the main booth at the one end of exhibition, there is Misato’s dining being recreated, where the bottles of Dassai line up.

The bottles being lined up are specially manufactured with the same material of the movie (although the bottles are empty). Under the cooperation of Sapporo Beer and UCC Ueshima Coffee, Ebisu Beer and UCC Milk Coffee cans have recreated with the design at the time of the anime. The visitors can actually take a seat at the table, and the photo can be taken as you became Katsuragi Misato.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion×Dassai【Dassai Supplementation Plan】” will be held from June 7, 2021 to July 31 at Dassai Store Ginza.

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