“Phantom Thief Jeanne” Chiaki wears a white tuxedo♪ “Tanemura Arina×Animate Café” 3rd round

Tanemura Arina, the manga author known for “Phantom Thief Jeanne”, will collaborate with “Animate Café” for the 3rd time. The collaboration café will be held from July 28, 2021 at “Animate Café” Ikebukuro 3rd Store and Nagoya 2nd Store.

Tanemura made her debut in 1996 on girls manga magazine called “Ribbon”. 

The serialization of “Phantom Thief Jeanne” began from 1998 and made a big hit that marked the total sale over 5.5 million copies. It was adapted into TV anime the next year, and she continued to release many works, including “Full Moon o Sagashite”, “The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross”, and “Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura”. She also drew the fundamental designs for the smartphone app called “Idolish Seven”, and she continues to expand her field of activity.

This collaboration picked up 7 works of Tanemura, including “I.O.N”, “Phantom Thief Jeanne”, “Time Stanger Kyoko”, “Full Moon o Sagashite”, “Sakura Hime; The Legend of Princess Sakura”, “The Gentlemen Alliance Cross”, and “Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi”. The collaboration continued to use the same theme as the previous café (“Precious Wedding Party”), and the collaboration menu inspired by her works and the limited items, including “BIG Acrylic Stand” with original designs will be sold.

Moreover, the original “coaster” (chosen randomly from heroine group (11 designs) or hero group (9 designs)) will be given with the order on the collaboration menu. 

“‘Tanemura Arina’×Animate Café” 3rd edition will be held from July 28 to August 23 at “Animate Café” Ikebukuro 3rd Store and Nagoya 2nd Store.

Detailed information is on the special website.

© Tanemura Arina/Shueisha

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