“Resident Evil” Morikawa Toshiyuki and Kaida Yuuko join the cast! The setting is the White House! Teaser art and scene photos revealed!

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The first CG drama in the "Resident Evil" series, "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" will be distributed exclusively on Netflix worldwide in 2021. In addition, Morikawa Toshiyuki and Kaida Yuuko will be joining the Japanese dubbing cast.

The film is the first CG drama in the "Resident Evil" series, a milestone survival horror game that has shipped over 100 million units worldwide. The story revolves around two popular characters, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, in this horror action film.

The second teaser art released shows Leon in a suit for the first time in the "Resident Evil" series, with a serious expression on his face as he holds his gun, and Claire with a light in her hand, looking for "something".

The zombies are headed to the White House, one of the important stages in the film. A new scene of Leon and Claire reuniting at the White House has also been released.

Morikawa Toshiyuki will be playing Leon S. Kennedy, and Kaida Yuuko will be playing Claire Redfield. The two have been supported by successive generations of "Resident Evil" fans. This is their first collaboration since the game "Resident Evil RE:2". Comments have also arrived.

In addition, Netflix will be participating in AnimeJapan2021's AJ Stage again this year. Mr. Morikawa from "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" will be on stage to talk about the appeal of the game.

"Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" will be released exclusively on Netflix in 2021.

Morikawa Toshiyuki Comment

My name is Morikawa Toshiyuki and I'll be playing Leon S. Kennedy.

This is the first "Resident Evil" CG drama series, and I can't contain my excitement at the thought of another day of battle.

I hope you all look forward to Leon as he unravels the meaning behind "Infinite Darkness"!

Kaida Yuuko Comment

I'm getting more and more scared of the graphics, which are getting more and more beautiful with each new work. And finally, a drama!

I can't wait to see what will happen to Leon and Claire. I miss the days when I used to play the PlayStation 2 version of the game, as I screamed while being chased down by dogs... I wonder if I can withstand the fear I will experience..


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