“Sailor Moon Eternal” and “Nishijin Brocade,” a traditional craft, have created a long silk wallet that will bring happiness!

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In commemoration of the release of "Sailor Moon Eternal" (scheduled to be released on January 8, 2021), a long wallet made in collaboration with the traditional craft of Nishijin brocade is now on sale at the PREMICO Online Shop from December 7.

The wallet is equipped with a total of 19 pockets, including 12 card pockets, two compartments for bank notes, and a coin pocket with a zipper. The interior is made of genuine leather. The Super Sailor Moon modelSuper Sailor Moon is colored lapis lazuli, and the Super Sailor Chibi Moon modelSuper Sailor Chibi Moon is colored light peach.

The "Super Sailor Moon Moon with flowing arabesque" design is a traditional arabesque design with a motif of the moon and white feathers against a starry night sky, lavishly woven with gold thread. The decorative buttons, which resemble the Crisis Moon Compact, are adorned with pink rhinestones, and the netsuke, which features a multi-faceted cut crystal and moon charm that resembles a phantom silver crystal, shimmers.

The "Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Arabesque Karakusa-Karabishi Pattern with Pegasus" features the traditional "Arabesque Karakusa-Karabishi Pattern" arranged with motifs of Pegasus, the phantom silver crystal, the moon, and white feathers, connected by a crystal carillon and stars. Yellow rhinestones adorn the decorative buttons of the Chibi Moon Compact. It comes with a netsuke with a pink quartzite and crystal carillon charm.

The "Nishijin Brocade x Sailor Moon Eternal" Long Wallet" is priced at 19,800 JPY each (excluding tax). They are currently on sale at the "PREMICO Online Shop. Each product is limited to 3,000 items.

(c)Naoko Takeuchi, PNP / "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Eternal" the Movie Production Committee

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