“Sailor Moon” The “Crystal Carillon” that link Chibi Usa and Pegasus is also included in 2nd collaboration accessories with ANNA SUI

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To commemorate the release of "Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie", the 2nd collaboration with "ANNA SUI" has been revealed. Pre-orders are now available on "Premium Bandai", "ANNA SUI Official Online Shop", and other stores.

There is a total of 8 items with the motif of ANNA SUI in the lineup of the collaboration item, such as the key item of Super Sailor Moon "Moon Kaleidoscope" and "Crystal Carillion" that Pegasus gave to Chibi Usa.

"'Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie' X ANNA SUI Holy Grail Pendant" is based on the holy grail, and it has a butterfly on the front of the pendant with the overall ANNA SUI-like purple that showed the fusion of both work setting.

"'Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie' X ANNA SUI Pegasus Figure Ring" has the craving "Twinkle Yell!" that Chibi Usa used to summon Pegasus with the Pegasus figure that looks beautiful from all angles. The front leg has a butterfly to demonstrate the setting of ANNA SUI.

There are also brooch/ hair clips, earrings, and choker necklace available in the lineup.

"Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie" X ANNA SUI collaboration items can be pre-ordered on "Premium Bandai", "ANNA SUI Official Online Shop", and other stores. (The pre-order might end earlier than expected once the quota has been reached)

(C) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP/ "Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie" Production Committee

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