Sony PlayStation CEO Promises More Exclusives on PS5 Than Any Previous Generation and Higher Unit Production in 2021

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According to a story reported by Video Games Chronicle, Jim Ryan, the Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, recently stated this to the Nikkei site - “We have been quietly but steadily investing in high-quality games for PlayStation, and we will make sure that the PS5 generation will have more dedicated software than ever before.” 

How would this be possible? For starters, Ryan cited Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games in the past and that they are open to similar mergers and acquisitions in the future. Insomniac Games is of course famous for producing Spider-Man PS4 and Spider-Man Miles Morales, as well as the Ratchet & Clank series. 

A new installment in the latter series, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, is coincidentally slated to arrive this June. Meanwhile, the PS5’s next exclusive, Returnal, is launching right around the corner on April 30. Other upcoming PlayStation exclusives which were announced last year include Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. And God of War Ragnarök, the sequel to God of War on the PS4.

IGN noted that Sony purchasing first party developers is a similar strategy taken by Xbox Game Studios, as the competitor recently purchased Bethesda. 

And even though PlayStation shut down the first part developer Sony Japan Studio earlier this year, Ryan assured Nikkei that they “will continue to strengthen… ties with Japanese developers and release content for PS5 that fits the Japanese market.”

That’s not all. Ryan promised an increase in PS5 unit production in 2021. This statement comes after consumers around the world still find it difficult to find a PS5 six months after its launch.

“There are several reasons why PS5 was hard to come by. Supply under the new coronavirus was very complicated, and we had to limit distribution to online. The supply and demand for semiconductors is also tight worldwide. We are asking our suppliers to allow us to increase production, which will flow into the market this year.” Apple’s iPhones are also devices requiring semiconductors. That company has also announced that it has been challenging keeping up with demand, as reported in a Reuters article.

Meanwhile, just last week the NPD group revealed that the Sony PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling console in US history in both unit and dollar sales, with an estimated 7.6 million units sold by the end of March 2021.

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