The 10 finalists for “Sanrio I Love You Boys Audition” have been announced! The 5 “Best of Sanrio Boys” will be elected publicly

Japan May 21, 11:42 0
To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the media mix project "Sanrio Boys" that depicts the high school boys, who are a fan of the Sanrio's characters", the audition project "Sanrio I Love You Boy Audition" is currently being held.

After the public voting that started in March 2021, the 10 finalists were chosen from the 30 "Best of Sanrio Boys" were decided.

Then, out of the 10 finalists, 5 will be chosen during the final judging and their Sanrio-related dream will be granted in "Sanrio I Love You Boys Audition". The final judging will be broadcast exclusively at 6:00 PM, on May 21, 2021, on the vertical theatre app, "smash."

The 10 finalists will appeal on their dream through their submitted original video that is filled with their affection toward their favourite Sanrio character. One of the highlights of the broadcast is surely on how they showed their affection toward their Sanrio character.

Other than selecting the 5 winners, there will also have a live phone calling session for the winners. So, don't miss out on the reactions of the 5 "Best of Sanrio Boys" that are filled with surprised and joy when they received this phone call. Also, the singer/ songwriter, Kishi Yousuke will appear as the MC for the final judging, so do check out how Kishi will hype up the expectation for the 5 winners. 

Do look forward to the broadcast to know who will be the winners as well as the Sanrio-related dream that they want Sanrio to fulfill.

The final judging for "Sanrio I Love You Boys Audition" will be broadcast exclusively at 6:00 PM, on May 21, 2021, on the vertical theatre app, "smash."

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