“Detective Conan” Takayama Minami and Furuya Toru celebrate the release of the 100th volume of the original! Conan and Amuro in Avatars♪ “Virtual Shibuya” Talk Show Report

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To celebrate the release of the 100th volume of “Detective Conan” manga, a one-night-only special talk show “Edogawa Conan x Amuro Toru Special Talk in Virtual Shibuya” was held on October 30. The event was held as part of the “Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fest 2021”, a distribution platform approved by Shibuya Ward, and featured Takayama Minami as Edogawa Conan and Furuya Toru as Amuro Toru in the avatars of their characters.

When the talk show started, the first thing she said was, “Even if I’m smaller, my brain is still that of a great detective without labyrinths! I’m Edogawa Conan. It’s nice to meet you!” Edogawa Conan appeared in his avatar with his usual line. Next, Amuro Toru also landed on the special stage of Virtual Shibuya, and fans greeted him with comments like “Too cute!! and “No regrets for the rest of my life!”

Conan said about reaching the 100th volume of the original manga, “Thank you so much for continuing to support us! There are many difficult cases, but I’ll continue to do my best!” with thanks to fans. Amuro also praised the achievement of 100 volumes, saying, “100 volumes is amazing, Conan-kun,” to which fans replied, “Congratulations!” and “I bought 100 volumes!” with reactions such as claps and hearts.

At this point, the two, Takayama Minami as Edogawa Conan and Furuya Toru as Amuro Toru, appeared again. Both Takayama and Furuya, who had never participated in a virtual talk show before, commented on their respective “Conan Avatars” and “Amuro Avatars”: “They’re cute, but their heads are a little too big? (lol),” but once they got used to the controls, they started to enjoy the various poses.

As this was their first talk event in a virtual space, they also took the opportunity to “walk around” the virtual scramble intersection, interacting with fans and taking pictures with them. The meet and greet was made possible by the virtual space, and many fans said, “I got too hyped,” and “I can’t stop taking screenshots!” with joy.

In commemoration of the release of the 100th volume of the original manga, “Detective Conan” has been developing various projects such as the special website “Detective Conan: 100 Secret Stories” under the supervision of the original author Aoyama Gosho. In addition to “Detective Conan: Hanzawa-san the Culprit,” there will be spin-offs of “Detective Conan: Wild Police Story,” in which Amuro Toru, who gained immense popularity with the movie “Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer,” will play an active role, and “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” will be made into an anime. As the story has attracted a lot of attention from fans, Furuya expressed his enthusiasm, “I’m looking forward to the recording, and I want to show the mischievous Amuro Toru from seven years ago when he was young.”

As the talk turned to the 25th film to be released next spring, the recently announced “Halloween visual” was projected on the stage. This visual depicted Amuro, Matsuda, Hagiwara, Morofushi, Date and other members of the police academy enjoying their Halloween costumes against the backdrop of what appeared to be Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Takayama noticed that Conan was not in this visual, which is also related to the 25th movie, and commented in confusion, “I can’t believe Conan-kun is not in this visual. Conan-kun is not in it?”

The title of the 25th movie has yet to be revealed, but Furuya gave a hint that it would be “Conan-kun in times of trouble”, to which the fans responded, “I can’t wait until next year!” The atmosphere in the hall reached its peak. Takayama’s guess, “I think we’ll be able to see all kinds of Amuro-san in this one,” was met by Furuya’s comment, “Great guess!” Furuya then asked the fans to “look forward to the release.”

The talk show ended with Takayama saying Conan’s line, “The truth is always one! Conan’s line, “There is always only one truth!” It was a special night before Halloween for Takayama, Furuya, and also for the fans. The talk event is now available on the official YouTube of Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project.

(C)Aoyama Gosho/Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, TMS 1996

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