Rin Shima and Deadpool Among the February 2021 Top 5 Pre-order Figure Announcements by GoodSmile Company

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Welcome back to our monthly edition of Top 5 Pre-order Figure Announcements by GoodSmile Company! Again, please note that this is a list of the top five favorite figure announcements by an anonymous writer for Tokyo Anime News, with the number one spot being the highest rank. It’s not ranked by any kind of numerical data, just a matter of personal opinion!

5. Nendoroid Deadpool DX
Last month the #5 spot was taken by a crazy Nendoroid form of Denji. And this month the trend continues with an incredibly wacky Nendoroid Deadpool! As a Marvel fan, I think GoodSmile has done a great job with this figure. He comes with multiple eye parts for both the left and right side, so you can mix and match to animate his eyes the way you choose! He comes with a Deadpool Smartphone, a pink unicorn to ride, speech bubbles, twin swords, and a chimichanga with an unmasked mouth face to take a bite out of it!

4. KDcolle Yunyun: Light Novel China Dress Ver.
They need to make Yunyun the fifth official member of the KonoSuba party. Until then, at least we still get amazing figures of her! Her sexy outfit here is based on Chinese Dudou bodices. Poor Yunyun tends to have tough luck, and this has been exemplified this time around with her difficulty handling stacks of delicious dumplings in both hands! The Megumin figure that’s part of this set is having a much easier time.

3. WING Rin Shima
This is an absolutely perfect 1/7th scale representation of Laid-Back Camp’s Rin Shima as seen in the very first episode of the series. Rin looks cozy in her fall season outfit, drinking from a mug in one hand with a book in the other. To complete her look, she comes with a chair, a table, a pot heater, a lantern, and a thermos. You’ll feel laid-back and relaxed just staring at this figure in your collection!

2. Phat! PA-15 ~Larkspur's Allure~
The figures in this list went from sexy to cute back to steaming hot! This is a 1/6th scale figure Girls’ Frontline’s PA-15. As you can see, her Larkspur's Allure cheongsam is battle damaged. Her extremely sultry pose combined with that revealing dress makes steam explode from my nose as it does to male characters in certain ecchi anime. This PA-15 figure is also available as a pink dress variant!

1. Max Factory Luphia
The #1 figure on this list is the spiciest of all! This devil girl, Luphia, comes to us thanks to an illustration by saitom. She’s dressed in a silver jacket and a bikini… sorta. She’s taking off her bikini bottoms, covering her private parts playfully with her demon tail. At the same time, Luphia is taking off one of her gloves with her teeth. The sexiness already makes this figure #1 for me, but the extremely detailed hot red sneakers push her over the edge as my most wanted!

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