86 - Episode 14 Review - Shin Welcomes Fido Back

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following 86 Episode 13, Shin and the other 86 formerly of Spearhead are taking Special Officer’s Training School. In a training exercise, Shin ride a Feldreβ with Eugene. A Feldreβ is like a Juggernaut, but with two pilots. 

Some other guy in the school named Marcel almost accidentally crashes into Shin’s Feldreβ. But Shin pulls off this amazing flip move to avoid collision. Because it’s Shin. The soldiers are amazed, but Marcel still doesn’t like him.

Marcel warns Eugene to stay away from Shin because Shin gives him a bad feeling. Rumors are going around that the 86 don’t die while testing R&D units, but their Federacy of Giad comrades do.

Some time later, Shin and his friends pass the school. Lt. Colonel Grethe Wenzel introduces herself to Shin, Theo, Kurena, Raiden, and Anju. And reveals that the Federacy of Giad have pushed back Legion and found the nameplates that Shin and the others left behind. They made a memorial location with all the nameplates listed on a small wall. And Wenzel has an even better surprise - Fido’s processor was salvaged and it’s alive again! Fido is happy to rejoin Shin and Spearhead. And I’m super happy about that, too!

More good news. Cute little Federica has made herself the mascot for Shin’s unit so she can be with them and live with them. It’s apparently some tradition. Works for me.

Shin continues to kick Legion’s ass in battle. The Federacy of Giad however, is not doing so great. They’re losing soldiers left and right on the battlefield.

You get the sense that Federacy of Giad soldiers are starting to resent Shin and the other 86. Sound familiar? How ungrateful. Shin is probably saving so many of these assholes from dying with his incredible skills.

Eugene meets up with Shin in the mess hall and chats with him. They were put in different units so this was a reunion. Frederica was there, too. And Eugene gets along well with her.

Shin and Eugene promise to meet again when they finish their chat. But Legion are on the attack again. And we’re immediately hit with a heartbreaking image of Eugene’s bloody lifeless arm on the battlefield, holding a pendant of his sister. It’s been separated from his body.

Shin is able to do his job as the Reaper and be there with Eugene as he dies. Eugene says thank you as Shin blows his head off with his trusty gun.

Shin seems emotionless after he does this. Quite the different response than Marcel’s, who is angry that Shin shot him in the head. What an ass. Luckily, a superior officer tells Marcel to shut up and apologizes to Shin.

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