86 - Episode 18 Review - Frederica Doesn't Want Shin to Die

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Finally we get the episode that follows 86 - Episode 17.

It starts with some top brass douche-bag explaining to Ernst why the 86 are being sent to destroy the Morpho. Ernst points out how that top brass coincidentally hated the 86 so much he wanted to have them eliminated right after they were saved by the Federacy, a year ago. But top brass swears this is the only logical strategy to protect the country. Dumbass, if it’s the only logical strategy, why do you guys hate the 86 so much? They literally have been and will be your saviors.

Later, in another meeting, Wenzel and Richard discuss the same topic. Richard points out the 86’s skills are too good. Again, it doesn’t make sense. That’s exactly what you need if you want any hope of surviving. At least, unlike San Magnolia, the Federacy acknowledges they have super abilities.

Richard knows that Wenzel sees her past comrades who died in the Nordlicht/Spearhead kids. Still, she’ll do whatever she can to keep them alive. She suggests the use of a prototype plane to transport Nordlicht to the Morpho and record speed. The plane is called the Nachzehrer, and it’s huge.

Wenzel introduces it to Nordlicht and says she will personally pilot the craft. Right away, Frederica points out that there’s no plan for the members to return safely after the mission. But Shin and everyone else has already accepted this is a suicide mission, and they have no choice but to go forward with it.

Shin and Frederica later have a conversation. Frederica wants to join them on the mission as their mascot, but Shin refuses to let her. She makes numerous parallels to Shin’s past. She is like Shin when he was young, trying to get her big brother to stop from joining the fight and getting killed. She also says Shin is like her knight Kiriya - having no goal and no home. She doesn’t want him to become like Kiriya. But Shin denies he’s like that dude.

Frederica stays behind (supposedly). Shin, Theo, Raiden, Anju and Kurena talk about her staying. Shin doesn’t care if she’s mad as long as she’s safe.

Both Wenzel and Ernst speak to the 86 via comms. They tell them to do their best but also to come back alive. Ernst makes them promise, even if the odds are slim.

The battle commences. The three-country alliance attacks Legion on all sides, drawing out the Legion Vanguard, giving Nachzehrer a chance to fly through enemy territory undetected.

The Federacy soldiers fight and die with all they’ve got, even if many of them hate the 86’s guts. They’ll help the 86 succeed in the most important mission in mankind’s history. In this way, they’re different from the San Magnolia soldiers we saw in Season 1.

Shin hears a million voices from Legion again. And again, he makes a creepy smile.

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