86 - Episode 2 Review - Undertaker Shows Off His Combat Skills to Lena

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 2 follow.

In this ep, we get some much needed definitive answers to mysteries teased in the first ep. At least the anime was straightforward enough this time that it didn’t drag on all the questions even longer. But there’s still plenty that hasn’t been revealed.

After Lena introduces herself to Spearhead Squadron, old man Aldrecht scolds Shin (Undertaker) for doing too much damage to his Juggernaut mecha. Shin adds Kujo’s name carved into a hull piece to a chest filled with such pieces.

The next day, a swarm of Eintagsfliege, Legion butterfly-sized drones used to disrupt electronic and radio communication, approach the 86. That means the ground Legion mecha are coming, too. Spearhead mobilizes to ambush the enemy right away, and they don’t seem too worried.

Handler One, Lena, connects to assist. She instructs Spearhead to deployment point 208, but Spearhead has already deployed.  Legion ground units include a ton of low level type Ameise, some Grauwolves, and the toughest unit, a Lowe. It’s clear that the squadron has dealt with threats like this before and is confident with how to deal with them.

Spearhead, under Undertaker’s leadership, expertly destroys the enemy. Undertaker proves he’s especially good at attacking up close and dodging shots. We get some call signs from the other members - Black Dog, Snow Witch, Laughing Fox, Gunslinger. In the end, Spearhead is victorious without suffering any casualties.

Later, Lena observes a class at the military academy. This is the real meat of the episode, where we get some answers for a change. The old piece of crap professor is also being monitored by some loyal dog of the military as he teaches, we don’t get their name. Apparently, Legion’s autonomous units went crazy and betrayed Giad a few years prior, destroying that empire. Now it will only be a couple years before their machines expire, which is why the end of all war is predicted.

Lena interjects during the lecture with the truth about San Magnolia’s “zero fatalities” against Legion. It’s part a lie told to the public and part propaganda that the military is fed. The people of 86, who are different races than the silver haired people of San Magnolia, are not considered human, even though they are. The standard view is that they never “evolved” into true humans. So that’s why San Magnolia doesn’t consider the loss of their lives as casualties in war. Except for Lena, who says they should be considered just as human. The class and professor don’t agree but she protests anyway.

It sounds ludicrous that they wouldn’t be considered human. But the problem presented in this fictional story actually parallels our real world issues. We still have examples of one race thinking other races are beneath them, not equal. Some people even think people other races deserve to die. So it's not as ludicrous as it seems.

Lena is getting closer to Spearhead, but they still don’t trust her completely.

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