86 - Episode 6 Review - Daiya and Anju Remember Their Dance

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 6 follow.

This week we get another complex episode that doesn’t unfold chronologically. It begins with a young Shin in a deserted snow covered area. He finally finds the body of his brother Shourei in a destroyed Juggernaut. We don’t get to see Shourei’s face, meaning he’s most likely headless from being harvested by Legion.

Back in the present, Spearhead is on patrol. The hot summer day reminds them of one of their first parties back in spring. Then the ep flashes back to that moment. There are many more members still alive, and everyone seems happy. Daiya (Black Dog) shares an awkward flirtatious moment with Anju (Snow Witch).

Coincidentally, the subject of an unknown rich girl Handler comes up. This is when Laughing Fox first draws the picture of a White Pig princess. Everyone makes fun of her. At this point, they still have never spoken to Lena. So they don’t know how kind she is.

Back to the present again, and Spearhead is having a tough time in a battle with Legion. The members of Spearhead notice that Legion seems to be learning and adapting to their war strategies.

Lena comments that things would be different in this fight if the military gave them mortars. In the end, Spearhead suffers two new casualties - Black Dog and Lecca (Burnt Tail). Before Black Dog is hit with an explosion, he says something to Anju that we can’t hear. This makes the earlier scene from the spring party more poignant. Lecca shoots herself in the head so that she doesn’t get taken by Legion. But Daiya has to be shot point black by Shin, the Undertaker.

Back at base, Anju tries to carry on like she’s fine. But she’s really in a lot of pain over the loss of Daiya. Raiden (Wehrwolf) speaks alone with Shin. Shin confirms that he will continue to keep fighting, even if he’s the last to survive. To seek forgiveness from Shourei.

Lena reports the events of the battle to her uncle and requests mortars. But she is denied, as the military is not willing to endanger the lives of San Magnolia people to bring those mortars to the battle field. Instead, Lena’s uncle assigns a new mission to Spearhead to take out a Legion base. It’s definitely a dangerous assignment, but things would be even worse for Spearhead if they don’t do something about it right away.

In her nightly Para-RAID talk with the squadron, Lena apologizes for not being able to get the mortars. But the group never expected to get them, so they’re not troubled by it. After everyone turns off their Para-RAID, Lena and Shin continue to talk for a short time. They share another sweet moment. Literally, they talk about sweets. And Shin’s brother. 

And Lena gets all flustered again from speaking a little too familiarly with Shin.

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