86 - Episode 9 Review - Lena Surprises Spearhead with Her Help

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

The five remaining Spearhead members have reached the Legion forces. As expected, the numbers of Legion Juggernauts are staggering. But Spearhead is ready to fight to the bitter end.

Shin orders the rest of the members to fight from a safer location. But Raiden and the rest ignore his orders. No way they don’t back him up.

Shin can hear his brother screaming out to him. That causes Shin to smile with a crazy grin. I guess crazy is contagious.

The Legion forces divide Shin from the rest of the team. It’s Shourei’s doing. As a Shepherd, he’s able to control the rest of Legion. Shourei wants to fight Shin one-on-one.

The rest of Spearhead starts to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies. All of a sudden, we hear Lena’s voice over Para-RAID. She’s arrived in time for the save we all knew she was going to do! By seeing through Raiden’s eye, she’s able to aim the mortars. 

All of that ordnance greatly destroys Legion’s numbers. Raiden yells at Lena for pulling something so dangerous that she could go blind. But Lena explains how that doesn’t matter.  Basically, I interpret what she says as, “F*ck caution. F*ck rules. I’m still alive so I can do this.” Her skin’s finally toughened up.

Back to the fight between Shin and Shourei. Shin is extremely agile, but Shourei has a trick up his sleeve. He’s able to turn his parts into a liquid alloy to catch Shin’s Juggernaut. Shin gets knocked out. The team attacks Shourei and Lena fires missiles at him. But they were just duds. With Shourei distracted, Shin has enough time to come at Shourei with all of his artillery and finally destroys him. Just as Shin destroys him, Shourei realizes the evil of his ways. As tends to happen with these crazy types. So that the brothers can have some sweet goodbye to each other. Then Shin cries, finally ending the suffering he’s been trying to for years.

A little flashback shows that Lena was able to get the mortars and do the crazy Para-RAID stuff because she got Annette’s help. But Annette hated her in the last ep, right? Lena reveals to Annette that the boy in her childhood that she betrayed twice is Shin. And now she has a third chance to help him. Lena says this all to Annette coldly. Annette even calls her some kind of devil, but she does as Lena says.

Shin and Spearhead all thank Lena for her help. But they’re not done fighting. They continue onward, into territory that the Para-RAID can’t reach. Lena freaks out and runs towards their direction to keep the signal going. But she’s not going to be able to keep up to their vehicles. The running was more for dramatic effect. It sounds like they’re going off to die, but I doubt that. As this anime has been greenlit for a second season.

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