A New Pokémon Animation Titled “The Warm and Comforting Slugma House” is Published on YouTube and Shows a Girl Travelling to the Country Befriending Pokémon

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A new Pokémon animation titled "The Warm and Comforting Slugma House" has been uploaded to the official "Pokémon Kids TV" YouTube Channel. This animation is the fifth entry in the PokéToon series and was created by Studio Cororido. This studio also worked on the Pokémon Sword and Shield original web animation titled "Twilight Wings" and the animated movie, "Penguin Highway", among other projects.

"The Warm and Comforting Slugma House" is the fifth episode in the "PokéToon" series and depicts a young girl visiting her grandparents in the countryside and her charming interactions with the Pokémon there. This heartwarming animation was directed by Yamashita Shingo and co-directed, produced, and storyboarded by Yabumoto Kazuhiko. Production for the animation was handled by Studio Cororido.

Currently, the next planned episode for the "PokéToon" series is titled "I Turned Into a Gengar!?".

Director: Yabumoto Kazuhiko

Isn't it thrilling to think about living together with Pokémon?

"The Warm and Comforting Slugma House" shows these kinds of interactions and how Pokémon and people live their everyday lives together.

We hope that those who watch this animation feel a warm and comforting feeling through Anna's interactions with the Pokémon.

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