【Anime Quiz!】What Color of Jacket Did Lupin III Wear in “Part III” ? Newest TV Anime “Lupin the Third Part 6” Broadcast Commemoration

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Showa, Heisei, Reiwa――a lot of anime works that color each period.

Do you still remember "this" and "that" of the anime that you were watching in your childhood? Do you know "this" and "that" of the anime that you are currently watching?

Let's try 【Quiz】 related to good old and currently popular anime works!

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the "Lupin the Third" anime adaptation, the newest TV anime series "Lupin the Third Part 6" will be broadcast from October 9, 2021.

Lupin was wearing a "green" jacket in "Part I", and "red" in "Part II".

Here is the 【Question】.

What color of jacket did he wear in "Part III" ?







By the way, he was wearing a "blue" jacket in "Part IV" and "Part V".

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