“Anipoke”’s Shigeru makes his first appearance in 12 years! Kobayashi Yuko: “When I heard Satoshi’s voice, I naturally fell back into Shigeru”.

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For the first time in 12 years, Shigeru will be appearing in the TV anime "Pokémon" that airs every Friday on TV Tokyo. At the same time, we have received a comment from Kobayashi Yuko, who plays Shigeru.

Shigeru will appear in the episode aired on May 28, 2021, "Go's Rival!? The Road to Mew!". Satoshi and Go visit the Orchid Research Institute in Masala Town for the first time in a while, and are told by Dr. Orchid that the team "Project Mew" is recruiting members to start a full-scale search for Mew.

Satoshi also learns that Infernape, who he had left at the Orchid Laboratory, has not been seen lately, so he and Go decide to go looking for him. On the way, they meet Satoshi's childhood friend and rival, Shigeru. He has returned to the Kanto Region for "a purpose," and it seems to have something to do with the legendary Pokémon, Fire. What is Shigeru's purpose?

Shigeru is the grandson of Dr. Orchid, and a childhood friend and lifelong rival of Satoshi. Shigeru is voiced by Kobayashi Yuko, as she did in the TV animation "Pokémon" that was broadcast in 1997. A comment was received from Kobayashi-san.

The TV anime "Pokémon" is currently airing on TV Tokyo from 6:55 pm every Friday.

Comment from Kobayashi Yuko, who plays Shigeru

It's been about 12 years since the last appearance of Shigeru, so I was as excited as everyone else! I was very nervous when I walked into the studio to play Shigeru for the first time in a long time, but when I heard Satoshi's voice, which has never changed, I naturally fell back into my role as Shigeru. 

I think I can bring a different kind of charm to everyone this time. I would be happy if you would pay attention to his passionate attitude towards his goal.

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