Anohana Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Special Movie Screening!

Anime June 15, 08:24 0
“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” will be celebrating its 10th anniversary through a screening of the movie “Anohana the Movie”.

“Anohana” tells the story of 5 friends, who grew apart due to an unfortunate incident; and “Menma”, the girl who never grows up. The dramatic tale of these 6 boys and girls have moved the hearts of the audiences since its original airing in 2011, quickly raising in popularity and eventually becoming a beloved series by many fans in Japan.

Anohana will commemorate its 10th anniversary since the anime first broadcast by screening the movie during a special event on Jun. 23, the date in which the final episode originally aired. Director Nagai Tatsuyuki and voice actor Kondo Takayuki (Hisakawa Tetsudo, aka Poppo) will take part in a talk show during the event.

The creditless opening sequence with the song “Aoi Shiori” performed by the band Galileo Galilei has also been made available online to celebrate the occasion.

“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” movie screening special event will be held at Shinjuku Vault 9 on Jun. 23 starting from 18:45. Details regarding tickets can be found at the official website.


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