Attack on Titan Children Statues Unveiled in Japan

Anime November 16, 15:18 0
Immensely popular anime and manga Attack on Titan has recently been honored with a set of bronze statues! According to an article by Kotaku, the statues were built through crowdfunding. $285,000 was raised to create them.

This new timeless homage is situated in Oita Prefecture, located in Japan’s southern island, Kyushu. The statues depict child-aged versions of main characters Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert staring upward at the top of Oyama Dam. The dam, being a tall wall structure, is reminiscent of Wall Maria in the anime. Fans will remember that in the very first episode of the series, the three children lived within Wall Maria, which was the first place they ever laid eyes on the Collosal Titan. The faces on the statues look like they’re astonished by the sight of Colossal Titan peeking over the wall! An AR app for your phone can even be used near the statues to manifest a titan coming over Oyama Dam.

Another reason this was the perfect place for the statues is that the series’ creator, Hajime Isayama, was born in Oita. Isayama was on hand at the statues’ unveiling event to thank the visitors and donors.

(image source: Amazon)
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