Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 - Episode 1 Review - Armin Thinks Eren Has Been Lying

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Warning: Spoiler ahead.

The mother of all action/suspense anime is back for one last season… part 2. The season begins right where part 1 left off. In the last episode, Levi was blown away by a Thunder Spear. He looks like he might be dead. Hange tells the Yaegerists, including Floch, that he’s dead. But Flock doesn’t believe it and wants to take a pulse himself. But they’re all distracted when Zeke appears, fully healed. Hange takes this moment to escape down a river, holding Levi. So he’s probably alive.

Anyways, Zeke can’t really explain how he survived, but some legendary girl character in a dream that seemed to last for years, rebuilt his body from soil. It was in the Paths. Zeke and Flock’s group then say they’ll reunite with Eren.

Picking up where we last saw Eren, a surprise attack has been made on Eren’s life by Porco as the Jaw Titan. But Eren is able to transform into the Attack Titan. Pieck was part of this plan. She uses the chaos as a chance to free Gabi. Pieck hilariously has her arm broken off to free Gabi of her chains with her. And she jumps off the side of the castle in order to change into the Cart Titan. Pieck then carries Gabi in her mouth to safety.

Pieck and Gabi report to Captain Magath and Colt that Falco is still locked up in that castle. Along with many soldiers who drank the wine spiked with Zeke’s spinal fluid. 

The Marley Army has arrived to the area via blimps for an all-out attack against Eren. This catches Eren off guard. Yelena advises Eren to hide and run, that it’s too risky to fight. But Eren ignores her.

Eren has an awesome fight against both Reiner/Armored Titan and Jaw Titan. Eren almost wins but Pieck gets in the way by sniping his head with a new anti-titan cannon that Captain Magath fires.

The Yaegerists with Thunder Spears try to help Eren, but they’re overwhelmed by the vast number of Marleyan forces. 

Onyakopon is desperate and goes into the jail to free Eren’s friends - Mikasa, Armin, Connie, and Jean - for help saving Eren. But Connie is pissed and feels betrayed by Eren. He doesn’t want to help. 

Armin explains to his friends that Eren was most likely lying. He pretended to side with these Yaegerists/Yelena/Zeke when he actually didn’t agree with their motive. Armin believes Eren played along with Zeke because he wants to use the Rumbling to protect the Eldians of Paradis Island.

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