Ayanami Rei putting on “first lipstick” looks enticing…! From “Eva x KATE”, Hayashibara Megumi also participated and an original video released

Anime November 13, 15:46 0
In commemoration of the collaboration between "Evangelion" and Kanebo Cosmetics make-up brand "KATE", the original video of Ayanami Rei putting on lipstick was released on November 4.

Furthermore, from the same day, pre-orders for the collaboration product "KATE Red Nude Rouge (EV)" started.

The video released this time was produced to commemorate the release of "KATE Red Nude Rouge (EV)", a collaboration product between KATE and "Evangelion".

The story goes that Ayanami Rei from "Evangelion" picks up the "KATE Red Nude Rouge" and puts on lipstick for the first time. She murmurs, "This is my own red," which is short but makes it impressive.

Also, Hayashibara Megumi, who is know for her anime works, was appointed as a voice actress. In addition, the animation was created by Yoneyama Mai, an illustrator known for animes such as "Kill la Kill", "Kiznaiver", "Promare", and "Darling in the Franxx", as well as an illustration of the apparel brand "RADIO EVA" of "Evangelion".  

There are 4 types of collaboration products "KATE Red Nude Rouge (EV)" by "Evangelion" and "KATE". Pre-orders are available in limited quantities on the Web from November 4, and will be in store in limited quantities online from February 2, 2021.

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