BanG Dream! Poppin’ Party the first-ever achievement of the project! 15th & 16th singles have won 1st place in succession on “Oricon Ranking”

Anime January 21, 11:18 0
'Photograph', the 16th single of Poppin' Party, a girls band from "BanG Dream!" produced by Bushiroad, has won 1st place on 'Oricon Weekly Ranking', which was announced on January 18, 2021. 'Saichou-Ten Peaky&Peaky!', the 1st single of Peaky P-key, a unit of "D4DJ ", has also won 3rd place on the ranking.

'Photograph', the 16th single of Poppin' Party, released on January 6, has won 1st place following 'Initial / Ume Wo Uchinuku Shunkan Ni!' on January 20, 2021. It is the first-ever achievement of the project that two consecutive works win 1st place (according to Bushiroad Music).

Peaky P-key's 1st single 'Saichou-Ten Peaky&Peaky!' was released on January 6 as well.

It is the 1st work that is released in 2021, and it won the highest rank since the "D4DJ" project was launched (according to Bushiroad Music).

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