Byakkomaru from “Mashin Hero Wataru the Seven Spirits of Ryujinmaru” is now an action figure! Weapon melding and transformation into white tiger form are also possible.

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From "Mashin Hero Wataru the Seven Spirits of Ryujinmaru", Byakkoumaru, the demon god piloted by the Tiger King, appears in the action figure series 'NXEDGE STYLE'. Premium Bandai is currently accepting pre-orders for this item.

"NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Byakkomaru" is a figure of Byakkomaru, the Demon God of the Tiger King, who possesses the soul of a white tiger, and his counterpart in Wataru's Ryukomaru.

Based on the "NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Byakkomaru" model, the face and head parts have been sculpted to create a form that reminds you of a fierce tiger.

The colors are mainly dark, with red and gold adding an edge to the color scheme.

A "White Tiger Sword" is also included as well as the "White Tiger Shield". The sword and shield can be combined to form two weapons, and Byakkomaru's main weapon, the "Tiger Lance", is now larger than the size of his body.

The price of "NXEDGE STYLE [MASHIN UNIT] Byakkomaru" is 4,950 JPY (including tax). Pre-orders are now being accepted on 'Premium Bandai'; this item will be shipped in April 2021.

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