Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of “Lupin III” Anime! A new work titled “PART6” will be broadcasted from October.

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In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Lupin III anime series, it was announced that the new TV anime "Lupin III Part 6" will be broadcast from October 2021. At the same time, a teaser visual and the first PV have been released.

In addition, "Lupin the Third Part 6" will have a present program for the right to appear in the anime as a commemoration of its 50th anniversary.

The new TV anime "Lupin III Part 6" is scheduled to be broadcast on Nippon Television Network Corporation and other networks from October 2021. The story will unfold with two key words that unravel the story of Lupin, and in the first course, a royal, innovative and mysterious story with "mystery" as the key word will open the curtain.

What will be the next target of Lupin and his gang, who run through the hard, heavy, and severe world of Reiwa with a light touch?

The teaser visual was created by Marufuji Hirotaka, who is in charge of character design for the film.

As the catchphrase "Is this man a villain or a hero?" indicates, Lupin III in this film is not just the usual light-hearted and gentle Lupin III. The finished product gives a glimpse of the coolness and ruthlessness of his other face.

In addition, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the anime adaptation of "Lupin III" in 2021, it has been decided that five people will be chosen by lottery to receive the right to appear in "Lupin III Part 6".

Follow the official Twitter account of the "Lupin III" anime, change the Twitter icon to the "Gokuro-san" mark, and post your favorite "Lupin III" scene, gesture or line with the hashtags "#WELOVE Lupin III" and "#Lupin6". You can apply for the contest. It does not matter how many times you post your entry.

The character who will appear in the film will be the one whose visuals were created based on the applicants' photos. It will be an exciting experiment to see how the characters will blend into the world of "Lupin III".

As part of the "Lupin III" 50th anniversary project, it was also announced that T-shirts in collaboration with "JOURNAL STANDARD" will be sold.

The timing, design, and store availability will be announced at a later date. Fans are sure to be interested in this as well.


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