Chinese Unique Violent Anime “Dahufa” Will Be Released in Japan in 2021

Anime May 24, 10:15 0
The violent animation film "Dahufa", which drew attention as the first age-restricted Chinese anime and received a cult-like following from its extreme violence, was announced to be released in Japan in 2021. The poster visual and scenes from the film were also released.

"Dahufa" is a violent animation film that centers around Da Hufa, the guardian of Yiway who is in search of the prince that disappeared from the royal palace.

Da Hufa crosses the border and arrives at a mysterious village, but the villagers have no will of their own, do not speak, and they all look alike. With an eerie feeling in the air, Da Hufa gradually gets closer to the secret.

While there are violent depictions of inhumanly, strange creatures being decapitated, it also uses the relationship between the ruler and the village as sarcasm towards a class society, giving the film depth in its content.

In mainland China, there are no rating systems for films, and anime are treated as entertainment for children. The producers of the film have imposed a restriction on their own that "people under the age of 13 should not watch the film", making it an "unprecedented" challenge for Chinese anime.

The film was a smash hit in China, raising roughly 1.35 billion JPY, and has received high praise from Chinese anime fans.

The poster visual that has been released says, "A village of ghosts with fake eyes and mouths, dreaming of becoming human..." It depicts the protagonist Da Hufa being surrounded by strange human-like creatures.

The scenes from the film that were released include Da Hufa standing beside a decapitated head of the creature and the creatures executing their own by a firing squad, giving you a glimpse of the unique world of the film.

Chinese violent anime "Dahufa" will be released in 2021.


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