Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Episode 1 Review - Six and Alice Meet Snow

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 1 follow.

It’s the start of the series! We begin with an introduction to a couple of the main protagonists. Combat Agent Six is a spy who went through surgery to upgrade his body. Alice is a high-grade android meant to support Six. They follow the command of hotties with big oppai, Freezing Astaroth and Flaming Belial, as well as genius scientist Black Lilith. They are all part of the Kisaragi Corporation, which is an evil organization close to taking over an alternate Earth. Well, they say evil, but nothing we’ve seen so far actually looks evil. “Evil” is just a way to make it sound cool in a chuunibyou way, which comes off as humorous instead.

As the series starts, Six and Alice have a new mission to do recon on an alien planet. They get there thanks to a teleportation machine made by Black Lilith. The planet is revealed to possess a lot of the tried and true tropes of a fantasy world, filled with magic and swords and dragons while lacking modern weaponry like fire arms. In other words, this is an isekai! The method of traveling to a different world is a little different than other isekai - no trucks or other misfortunes causing reincarnation - but the end result is the same.

One interesting (and silly) concept of the show is that resources can be teleported to Six and Alice if they have enough “Evil Points” to purchase them. Evil points are acquired by the combatant doing evil things, the higher level the evil, the more you get. But Six does low level evil things, which, by this anime’s standards, is stuff like groping oppai. As such, he only starts out on the new planet with 300 evil points. That’s practically nothing, and Alice points out they can’t get good equipment with that. Certainly not enough to start taking over towns and cities by force.

Six and Alice get ambushed by some local dog-like fauna. They’re saved by a hot girl with big oppai named Snow and her soldiers. Snow takes them to her leader, the nation’s Princess Tillis, who is a sweet girl that ends up trusting Six and Alice. She recruits them in their country’s war. She commands Snow to be the support/escort of Six and Alice, much to her dismay. And so starts our journey!

To be honest, this episode didn’t really win me over. I had high hopes since it’s originally written by Natsume Akatsuki, the creator of Konosuba! That’s a series I love to death and find laugh-out-loud funny. The gags so far in Combatants Will Be Dispatched! feel played out. I’m referring to the ridiculously hot females in skimpy outfits, pervy guys/oppai groping, and small serious loli who constantly insults the bumbling, loudmouth male protagonist, among other things. But I will keep watching, as more characters will be introduced, which could change the gags/dynamics.

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