“D4DJ” Happy Around had finally held their first solo live since 9 months! The appearance of the surprise guest has hyped up the venue

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The first solo live of the DJ unit Happy Around! from Bushiroad's media mix project "D4DJ", "Happy Around! 1st Live Minna ni HapiAre♪" has been held on December 13, 2020, in Zepp Haneda.

Happy Around is the main unit consists of 4 members: Nishio Yuka (as Aimoto Rinku), Kagami Karin (as Akashi Maho), Mimura Haruka (as Ohnaruto Muni), and Shizaki Kanon (as Togetsu Rei).

The "Happy Around! 1st LIVE (Provisional)" was originally scheduled for March 2020, but it was delayed due to the Novel Coronavirus. As this was the anticipated live after approximately 9 months, the tickets for the replacement concert and additional concert are sold out, and due to the huge response, the online free streaming was held suddenly with the two concerts.

The additional concert started at 3:30 PM, and they have performed 19 songs, including the cover song "Seikai ha Hitotsu! Jyanai!!", which was revealed for the first time.

Also, the appearance of the surprise guest, Takagi Miyu (as Peaky P-key Inuyose Shinobu) and the duet with Kagami have surprised the audience.

In the work, Kagami's role Akashi Maho actually admired Takagi's role Inuyose Shinobu, and it is a performance where you can feel the relationship between the characters.

In the replacement concert at 7 PM, the new original song "Happy around Days" was performed for the first time.

The continuous surprises, including the appearance of Tsumugi Risa (as Photon Maiden's Izumo Saki) as the secret guest along with her showing off her DJ skill, have hyped up the venue.

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