Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 3 Review - Inosuke and Zenitsu Confront the Demon, Daki

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 2, we get a mysterious flashback of an evil-looking oiran. A house madam accuses the oiran of wrongdoing. Then the house madam vanishes. More on this later in the ep.

In the Ogimoto House, we continue to see Makio getting tortured. Inosuke hears this happening and barges into the room. But the demon hides Makio before he sees her. All Inosuke sees is a messed up room. But Inosuke can sense the demon. He tracks it throughout the roof of the house, but eventually the demon gets away.

Meanwhile, in the Kyogoku House, Zenitsu perks up his ears to investigate as well. He hears a servant girl crying and goes to see what’s wrong. He finds her in a messed up room, all alone. See the connection? As he tries to comfort the girl who was struck, the oiran demon appears right behind him! Wasn’t she just in the Ogimoto House?! Maybe she can teleport. Anyways, she’s here now and Zenitsu couldn’t even sense her coming. Right away, he can tell this is an Upper Rank demon, and it causes him to sweat in fear!

The cruel Upper Rank demon is named Warabihime. She gets mad at Zenitsu for speaking to her and grabbing her hand, so she hits him with her incredible strength and knocks him out.

A flashback from two days prior to that moment shows a similar scene to the one in the  beginning of the episode. A madam accuses Warabihime of causing girls to commit Ashinuke and commit suicide. So Warabihime transforms into her demon form, picks up the madam and flies high in the air with her. She then drops the madam to her death, because that’s what evil bitches do. And it’s revealed in Warabihime’s eyes that she’s the Upper Six demon.

Muzan gives Warabihime a surprise visit, and she prostrates herself immediately in his presence. He calls her by her real name - Daki - and he tells her to be careful. We learn that Daki has killed seven Hashira in the past! Bitch! Evil, hot bitch!

Anyways, back to the present. Warabihime wants to kill Zenitsu, but the House Master asks her to chill, as customers are starting to come in for the day. So she chills. But she realizes he’s a Demon Slayer.

Zenitsu wakes up. He’s recovering thanks to the care of the three servant girls. The one he defended personally thanks him. That’s great and all. But as soon as they leave, Warabihime’s ribbons look like they’re about to trap Zentisu!

And where’s Tanjiro in all this? Just working diligently as a servant girl in the Tokito House. Come on, Tanjiro, do something!

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