Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 7 Review - Tanjiro Stops Nezuko from Becoming Too Demonic

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 6, apparently Upper Rank demon mode Nezuko didn’t just stomp on Daki’s back. She put her foot right through it! She’s completely dumbstruck by Nezuko’s power, and Nezuko smiles. She’s relishing this moment, a sign that she’s falling into a darker mindset.

Then Nezuko starts stomping at Daki’s limbs, cutting them off. And kicking the shit out of Daki’s face. 

The spirit of Sumiyoshi is able to wake up Tanjiro from being passed out. Sumiyoshi can sense that Nezuko is becoming too inhuman and needs Tanjiro to stop her. 

Daki is able to use her obi to cut off Nezuko’s head and her limbs in a flash. But that isn’t the end for our beloved Nezuko. Her blood congeals enough to reattach all her body parts together. Not only that, but Nezuko’s blood that splattered onto Daki’s face and body catches fire! Some special burning power! This triggers some memory Daki has of being burnt, and left for dead by a couple people, maybe in her previous life? Or Muzan’s? Probably hers, I’m guessing, as her sad origin hasn’t been revealed yet.

In an amazing spectacle, Nezuko continues to beat the crap out of Daki and even kicks her through 4 or 5 buildings. A civilian woman gets hurt and bleeds from the damage. With how much energy and how much pain Nezuko went through, she can’t resist human blood any longer! She lunges at the woman, but Tanjiro holds her back with his sheathed sword just in time.

Tanjiro tries to subdue his sister but she’s still insane with bloodlust. She starts slashing, even at Tanjiro. 

Daki gets back up, super pissed. Tanjiro’s too busy holding his sister. But there are innocent people stuck there too. Tanjiro can’t think of what to do.

Daki attacks with her obi, but of course, Uzui gets there just in time to cut the obi to pieces. He tells Tanjiro to get out of here and care for his sister. He totally ignores Daki, making her even madder. Then her head falls off, because Uzui was so fast she didn’t even notice him cut it off!

Tanjiro and Nezuko get clear of the building and Tanjiro starts singing his mother’s lullaby, as Uzui suggested. Nezuko finally comes to her senses. And cries. So cute. And shrinks and falls asleep. So cute.

Nezuko isn’t the only crying girl. Can you believe Uzui is able to make the crazy bitch Daki cry? She cries and whines, and then a new evil character comes out of her body. It’s her brother, Gyutaro.

And this older brother creep seems far stronger and faster than Daki. Even faster than Uzui! He has dual sickle weapons and can control slashes of his blood in the air like projectiles!

Tanjiro wants to back up Uzui, but he’s busy taking care of Nezuko. Luckily Inosuke and sleeping Zenitsu finally catch up to the fight. And they promise to help Uzui win!

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