“Digimon Adventure:” The appearance of the new digimon “Komondomon”! The voice actor is Brother Daisuke

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It was revealed that a new digimon called "Komondomon" will appear in the TV anime "Digimon Adventure:". The voice actor is Yokoyama Daisuke also known as "Brother Daisuke", and this is his first regular role.

"Komondomon" is a new digimon that was specially created for "Digimon Adventure:".

He will be looking after the protagonist, Taichi, and the other chosen children, and is also a transportation-type digimon that will send them to their destination.

That gentle digimon will be handled by Yokoyama Daisuke also known as "Brother Daisuke", and this will be his first regular role.

As he is famous among the adults as well as children, with his personality loved especially by children, he is the perfect role for "Komondomon".

TV anime "Digimon Adventure:" is currently broadcast every Sunday, at 9:00 AM, on Fuji TV and other channels. Komondomon will appear on episode 31 "The new Dark Millenniummon".

Yokoyama Daisuke

--How did you felt while receiving the offer for the role of Komondomon?

It was "Eh!?". As digimon is a long-lasting series, there are a lot of voice actors, who had been involved for a long time, so I wondered will it be fine for me to jump in. Of course, regardless of the role, is I was given an offer, I will try my best to do it. But I was told "The line is Wahoon only", which make me thought "What is Wahoon?" (haha)

--What is your impression of Digimon in the first place?

The first game has left a deep impression in me and it seem that it had gradually evolved since then. The final evolution of the digimon is so cool! As it closely resembles a human.

-- I think that Komondomon will be popular as well. Since children are a fan of transportation.

It would make me happy if it became popular. Something like "Today's Wahoon has arrived!". First, I need to try my best as a member of Digimon series. So that the audience, as well as the cast, will have the thought of "I'm glad that Komondomon is here". So, in order to achieve that, I will need to put more affectionate to the character known as Komondomon.

--Please tell us about your hopes.

Komondomon might be like an intermezzo that connects the scenes together but I will try to make the character grows so that the audience will say "Komondomon has appeared again!" and "Ohh that was a good Wahoon!". I will put my effort to be the most healing Wahoon.

(C)Hongou Akiyoshi, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

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